Death Rail Tours offers personally guided adventure tours in and around beautiful Kanchanaburi Province in western Thailand, 130 kilometers from Bangkok. Kanchanburi is home to the River Kwai water shed which is created by two major damned reservoirs. Along the Kwai Noi (Small River) and Kwai Yai (Large River) is a vast amount of natural wonders and historical sites. Each trip is tailored to take you off the beaten tourist track and show you not only the famous bridges and waterfalls but the out of the way mountain villages and little known points of historical importance in Kanchanaburi. Overnight tours include hiking through pristine jungle to waterfalls, caves, ancient cliff paintings and to the tops of mountains. Your guide has been living, and exploring the area on a motorcycle for over ten years. Knowledgeable about the local history and conversant in Thai we can ensure you an experience above and beyond the normal package tour. 

The full day, all inclusive Death Railway Tour 
​3,000 baht one person, 5,000 baht two people. 1,500 baht each additional person. 

The Death Railway tour is available 7 days a week with two days notice. We will meet at a central meeting point at 9:00 am. After a brief discussion of the route and road safety tips for riding in Thailand we head out for the first stop at the world famous River Kwai Bridge where sort out the truth from legend. Next we head to Chung Kai Cemetery. The cemetery is on the original site of Chung Kai camp, the first and largest POW camp of the rail line. After a visit here a short ride takes us to Wat Kao Pun and its fabulous view of the river as it bends into town. Down a path to the actual rail line we have a look at the Kao Pun cutting, the first of many sections where POW’s cut passages out of solid rock with hand tools. 

From here we head out of town north west and follow the border of hills through small towns, farm land and jungle sided roads to Wam Pho viaduct. The famous via-duct built on the side of a cliff. Here we walk the 400 meter length of the trestle to visit the Kra Se cave. 

This is a good place to stop and have lunch in a local Thai restaurant where you can enjoy authentic, not made for ‘farang’ Thai food with an excellent view of the river and the viaduct.  

After lunch we head back south to the town of Lat Ya were we stop at the unique Shinto Temple. This quiet, manicured garden was created to commemorate all of the deaths caused by the Japanese occupation of Thailand.  Finally we return to town around 5 o'clock.
 If your not comfortable on a motorbike this tour is available on four wheels as well.  ​

As well as specialized one day tours Death Rail MotorcycleTours offers many other packages exploring the entire province, contact us to get full descriptions and prices of our other spectacular tours. We can also provide accommodation at all levels, transport from Bangkok or airport to kanchanaburi and on to your next destination when you’re ready to leave.  
In addition to the set tours we can tailor a tour to your specific interests, just contact us at deathrailtours@gmail or call 66 860273162.
Other tour destinations.
Tarn Lod Cave - This is one of the coolest places in Thailand. Part of a national park where camping and park housing is available, Tarn Lod is a pristine jungle refuge for treking that has five waterfalls on two different  water sources and an incredible cave system. Along a Challanging 3 kilometer hike, through one cave and along a creek that bursts through tumbled boulders the trail finally comes to the incredible Tarn Lod yai cave. The cave arches at over 50 meters and leads into a giant fern forest. This can be an incredible first stop on a multi-day tour.  Over night tours start at 6,000 Baht per day. 
Mae Nam Hoi Karmin -  The amazing Hoi Karmin National Park is the site of one of the most picturesque and still least visited waterfalls in Thailand. The park has scenic areas for camping, a good restaurant and access to the Srinagarind  reservoir. This not to be missed spot is a great full day ride out destination or part of a multi-day tour.
Full day ride out. 
For more experienced riders the full day ride out covers nearly 300 kilometers of challenging roads with great scenery and hours of twisties. A picnic lunch at the top of a mountain high above the Srinagarind keeps us going. 5,000 baht per person. 
New For 2016

The mountains to beach tour.

Starting in Kanchanaburi we take rural roads through small towns up to the hills that make up the boarder with Burma (Myanmar) to Kraeng Krachan, the largest National Park area in Thailand. There we will take a boat tour of the reservoir and stay the night in a guest house on the water. In the morning we head out to P a lu waterfall for a short hike and possible swim in the falls. After lunch we carry on to the small, still unspoiled beach town of Pran Buri where you can choose accommodation from standard to luxury.  Pran Buri can be your jumping off point going south, visiting near by Hua Hin or returning to Bangkok only 3 hours away. 
While in Kanchanaburi visit our friends at Aqua Club to enjoy a great day on the river wakeboarding, wakeskating, kneeboarding, or tubing. Have lunch and some drinks and camp overnight if you like. 
 Single and mutli-day motorcycle tours of the historic and natural sites of Kanchanaburi province.